About me

Born: 6 july 1992

City: Kiev

Mob. phone: +3(093)276-94-34

E-mail: spinne92@mail.ru


NAU industrial and civil engineering (Bachelor)


Company: 'bigdigitals'

Position: front-end developer

from:1.02.2017- to:15.07.2017

this des about me by Polish

Дата рождения: 6 июля 1992

Город: Киев

Моб. телефон: +3(093)276-94-34

E-mail: spinne92@mail.ru


НАУ Промышленное гражданское строительство

Опыт работы:

Компания: `bigdigitals`

Должность: front-end developer

Период: 1.02.2017- 15.07.2017

My skills

Last works / Pet proj

YouTube Service

YouTube serice for searching and watching video from you-tube.

In this porj I used: React, youtube-api-search, react-materialize

Weather with location

App which use your geo position and shows the weather in your place


Random generating quotes and you can share it on twitter

js, jquery

Wikipedia seeker

js, jquery, Materializecss

ToDO App. The design is awful, but it works =)

You can add, edit or delete item. If checkbox is switched on in curent item, U don't allowed to delite it

js, React

Simple test writed on React.js

In the end it will show you your right and wrong answers

It's one from my first experiences with React.js


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